How We Do It


On social media, originality in advertising has found a new canvas, a new playground to explore. And the profession itself is being redesigned in real time.

Just as television was a disruptive force for print advertising, so social media is shaking up the entire ad industry – and it’s not as simple as purchasing an ad on Facebook or Twitter, it’s much more complicated than that.

Here’s What We DO Know

Audiences are simply not paying attention to banner social media advertising. And these ads are not having direct impact on sales.

Viewers have become de-sensitized, or purposefully determined to block out advertisements and content that doesn’t interest them, or that they find intrusive. Study after study confirms that “click-through rates” on internet ads are just 0.01%, and that 4 out of 5 users (80%) have never even bought a product because of a Facebook ad.

Regardless, sticking to older forms of social media advertising not only can waste money and viewer goodwill, but adversely affect whatever ROI metrics are used to determine effectiveness. And, if companies don’t begin to innovate in their online advertising, they run the risk of falling behind their competitors as a result.

So How Do You Get Your Brand Seen and Heard ?

Cut through the clutter!

We employ a team of Social Media Specialists with a breadth of experience across all major Social Media Platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc.). Each account manager has access to multiple seasoned Social Media accounts that have access to millions of unique consumers and the ability to promote your advertisements and brands DIRECTLY and DISCRETELY on these accounts; effectively reaching both a broad audience and the niche that will become your future customers!

Our staff works 24/7 to ensure your brand is reaching all appropriate audiences. It’s not simply about advertising your site, it’s about ensuring your brand is consistently being promoted and recognized across all demographics, worldwide.

Each ad we run is tailored to hit the niche audiences/viewers/customers you need.

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