About Us

Most people nowadays are beginning to understand the value of SEO and what it can do for their
business. On the other hand, every businessman understands the benefits of reducing labor costs by
50% or more! This is why SEO Outsourcing is becoming the competitive edge for many businesses today.
Outsourcing your search engine optimization can help you achieve high returns for your investment and
take your company to the next level.

Here at SEObpo we are not just your average SEO outsourcing company. Our main offices are located
in Bucharest, Romania, but with a home-base that is located in Wilmington, North Carolina – USA. Our
company also has offices in New Delhi – India and in the Philippines. This enables us to provide high
quality SEO Outsourcing at a fraction of the cost.

CasaPoporului_nightOur staff is made up of highly trained and dedicated copywriters, experienced bloggers, social media
experts, link builders, forum moderators, programmers and on-page SEO optimizers. Our goal is to offer
effective and affordable SEO outsourcing solutions for mid-sized to large companies that are looking
to lower marketing costs and expand their operation. Our SEO and SMO agents are trained to create
highly effective link building sessions, trough organic and clean SEO techniques. Also, here at SEObpo we
choose every copywriter specifically for every job, so they can have a background in the clients’ area of

And because we understand the importance of every link, every like and every post, we have created
a network of search engine marketing managers and account managers that will take care of your
designated teams.

Our report system is transparent and easy to use. We provide our clients with real-time reports that are
updated via Google Docs and are accessible 24/7. Our usual reports include the number of links added
each day, social media bookmarks, blogging reports, on-page attributes and content creation, as well as
several other metrics that will help you accurately track our performance.

No task is too small or too big for the SEObpo team: you can have a fishing supply store or a multi-
regional eye clinic. You can be a small local business starting their own website or you can be a big-
shot multilevel multinational company changing their marketing focus. We can handle any job, offering
special online marketing plans designed for each of our client’s needs.

Nowadays, online visibility usually translates in millions of clicks to our customer’s websites. But if
you chose SEObpo to handle your search engine optimization campaign, we will provide you with
much more than traffic to your website. Our well thought SEO campaigns deliver a lot more than just
an increase in your website’s traffic, including better branding for your company and higher sales
conversion for your business. And this is our promise to you! We have already worked for big companies
and big websites with very powerful competition and we hit our goals every time!